The Secret Life of a Hairdresser

This is a true* and accurate** account of my week as a hairstylist/creative director here at Bach Hair. Any recollections are my own and are not necessarily a reflection of any other stylist. Although I suspect there may be a few similarities…….   Sunday   AM: Ah, sleep in. If you can call being woken The Secret Life of a Hairdresser


Moisturiser, exfoliant, serum, night cream, eye cream, body lotion, face mask, sunscreen, cleanser – it seems like a new product is invented every few months to keep the skin on our bodies in tip top shape. A great facial care regimen has become a must have for most of us to deal with all our ScalpEd(ucation)

Master Chocolate Hair

Chocolate. Even just the word seems luscious doesn’t it? This rich, unctuous and utterly indulgent creation seems to hover delicately between liquid and solid, melting at the slightest touch of heat. Chocolate is truly sensuous, it’s elegant balance of bitter to sweet seems to awaken you to your very soul.   Chocolate conjures up images Master Chocolate Hair

Autumnal Aspirations

I’ve always thought that the beginning of Autumn wasn’t the start of March as the Gregorian calendar insists it is here down south. To me the arrival of the Easter long weekend truly heralds the start of the glorious jaunt into this most delightful season. The last vestiges of summer have finally vanished and there Autumnal Aspirations

Unlock your locks

Magic carpets, pumpkin coaches, curses that change people into teapots. Fairytales are full of these wonderful and completely inconceivable concepts, and as a child I was terribly disappointed to find out that there definitely wasn’t a pathway to another world at that back of my wardrobe. Despite checking multiple times. But there is one tale Unlock your locks

To Hair, With Love

I don’t know about you but I am a great lover of a Ye Olde English romance. Great advancing feminist literature it may not be, but it does make me very happy to partake in a little lighthearted whimsy in the form of a classic search for love in a time of duty. So in To Hair, With Love

Routine Check Up

2021 has begun and the collective sigh of relief is almost palpable. As we all wash our hands of 2020 and look hopefully towards this new year stretched out before us, it’s time to lessen the slightly bitter taste left on our metaphorical tongues. It’s a bit like we have been drinking the standard “house” Routine Check Up

Joy to the World

What a year! Global Pandemic. Toilet Paper Shortages. Elections. Devastating Bushfires. Recessions. Mass Unemployment. Murder Hornets. And the impending doom of environmental destruction…. Feeling good? Anyone?    2020 has certainly had a lasting impact on our existence, and we could all be forgiven for wanting to shove this year in a garbage bag, throw it Joy to the World

Solar Flair

Ah, Summer. The smell of sunscreen and smoke fills the air as we all dream of afternoon storms, leisurely swims, beach holidays, ice blocks, barbeques, day drinking and seemingly endless sunshine. The idyllic Australian summer reigns supreme in our minds. At least until that first wave of humidity and 30+ temperatures hits us in December Solar Flair

Wearing the Cost

Once upon a time I read a little article on a well known internet publication by a probably perfectly lovely woman about what a rip-off getting your hair done is. Now it may come as a shock to you but I became somewhat offended by this. In fact, I became so incensed by the whole Wearing the Cost