Win Free Hair For A Year*

Win Free Hair For A Year!* Competition Is On Now Your chance to win hair on us for an entire year is happening now! Entry requirements are simple! Refer anyone and everyone to Bach Hair by handing out referral cards. You can grab some in the salon now or forward our handy email referral! Have Win Free Hair For A Year*

Behind The Curtain Bangs – Warm or Cool

Decisions Decisions… It’s approaching winter here in Brisbane which means only one thing. We can’t decide if its warm or cool! We leave the house rugged up in our winter woolies to combat the increasingly fresh starts but once the sun starts shining in earnest, we all start to regret that long sleeve top we Behind The Curtain Bangs – Warm or Cool

Sustainably Yours

Sustainability is the term buzzing about like a bee in spring. It seems like everywhere you look, there it is just hovering about. But what does sustainability actually refer to? In theory, sustainability refers to something’s ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. Which is probably why we use this term these Sustainably Yours