Are salon products really worth it?

5 July 2019

Before I was a hairdresser I had only ever used products from the supermarket. My boss was horrified when she found out a few months into my apprenticeship that I was still using my favourite brand from woolies! I can honestly say that changing to salon quality products was the best decision I’ve made for my hair. These days my collection is quite extensive and I absolutely love everything! However, I can feel your understandable skepticism so I’m here to give you a few reasons why you to should make the switch. 

Salon quality is just that. Quality.

I have noticed in my years working with other stylists that there is an attitude trend towards supermarket brands. You may have noticed it yourself, and that is the suggestion that those brands are really bad for your hair, they will destroy your colour, coat your hair with evil silicone and generally ruin your otherwise perfect locks. I’m here to tell you that mostly, these claims are untrue. In fact many supermarket brands use similar technologies to salon brands! Supermarket brands are not terrible, they just aren’t quality. The concentration of active ingredients is very low, so you aren’t getting enough to really benefit from them and the quality of ingredients are often inferior. It’s a bit like trying to cure a migraine with half a panadol, it technically has the right ingredients but the dosage is too low to be effective. Quality of ingredients is also important. I’ll use silicones as an example as they have a reputation for being ‘bad’. Silicones are actually great for making hair soft, shiny and manageable but a non-water soluble silicone will leave residue  and eventually that soft, shiny hair will be flat and heavy. This is when most people feel like their hair is getting used to the shampoo and change variety only to repeat the process again, never really addressing the hair’s needs.

Your hairdresser knows your hair. 

At Bach we pride ourselves on getting to know our clients hair. We love knowing every kink, curl, unruly strand, every flat bit, fly away and crazy hairline. We know you hate your frizz but love your curls, you have every product under the sun and love something new, you don’t like the feel of product but you want extra volume. We know you are never really going to blow dry your hair so a heat activated product Is pointless, you swim every day but you love having bright colours, and we know what colour your hair is really ( but don’t worry we won’t tell). With all this knowledge under our belts we can personalise the products we recommend so they actually work for you. It also means when we make suggestions, we are putting ourselves and our knowledge to work so we really think you need those specific products to give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of.  Or at least as close as possible. I personally don’t like to ‘sell’ to people, it makes me feel uncomfortable and I know most of the stylists I’ve spoken to feel the same. We all love the products we work with, we rave about them to anyone who will listen and all we want is for you to be just as excited as we are about your hair.

Product knowledge is key

Recently we joined the Wella family and are privileged to be one of the select Salon Professional stockists. Wella are one of the oldest product companies in the world, and were the first to have a take home retail line of shampoo. They are scientific innovators with a passion for gorgeous, healthy hair. Wella have a fantastic education program, which gives us the tools to be able to confidently recommend the products you need, for that hair we know so well. We have also been using Australian born brand Kevin Murphy for many years now and we love having a more natural option for those clients who prefer one.  A great stylist, like all of us at Bach, loves to get as much information  as they can about the things we use everyday. Because we do use them everyday, we know what they can do for different heads of hair and we know all the ways they can be used. If you have ever been down the haircare aisle at the supermarket, you will know just how many bottles are lined up and how many choices there are. Most of us barely have time to get groceries, let alone loiter in the hair aisle trying to smell all the shampoos and read the back of all the ones for dry hair.  Your hairdresser can easily tell you which shampoos are sulfate and paraben free, which paste won’t make your hair shiny, and which one of the ten volumizing products will work best for you.  

It’s easy to see the appeal in a cheap and cheerful hair care option. We all have to wash our hair, and most of us don’t have an endless budget for luxury items. I could give you a line about how it’s not really a luxury if you think about cost per wear or you deserve to treat yourself but I think it’s best summed up like this. Your hair is the one thing you wear everyday so why not treat it in the best way you can and wear you hair like the glorious mane it was meant to be. 





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